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56991   ChocoAlmondsŪ 1lb. Bulk Hanukkah Mix
56801   ChocoAlmondsŪ 1lb. Fall Mix
57931   ChocoAlmondsŪ 5lb. Bulk (Halloween)
52530   ChocoAlmondsŪ American Spirit Mix 5.1oz. Gusset Bag
57921   ChocoAlmondsŪ American Spirit Mix 5lb. Bulk
57121   ChocoAlmondsŪ Baby Blue 5lb. Bulk
57131   ChocoAlmondsŪ Black 5lb. Bulk
57021   ChocoAlmondsŪ Blue 5lb. Bulk
56941   ChocoAlmondsŪ Christmas Mix 1lb. Bag
52515   ChocoAlmondsŪ Christmas Mix 5.1oz. Gusset Bag
57941   ChocoAlmondsŪ Christmas Mix 5lb. Bulk
57061   ChocoAlmondsŪ Dark Brown 5lb. Bulk
57101   ChocoAlmondsŪ Dark Green 5lb. Bulk
57111   ChocoAlmondsŪ Dark Purple 5lb. Bulk
52525   ChocoAlmondsŪ Fall Mix 5.1oz. Gusset Bag
57981   ChocoAlmondsŪ Fall Mix 5lb. Bulk
57991   ChocoAlmondsŪ Hanukkah Mix 5lb. Bulk
57081   ChocoAlmondsŪ Hot Pink 5lb. Bulk
57031   ChocoAlmondsŪ Light Green 5lb. Bulk
57051   ChocoAlmondsŪ Orange 5lb. Bulk
57171   ChocoAlmondsŪ Pastel Blue 5lb. Bulk
57241   ChocoAlmondsŪ Pastel Blue Sparkle 5lb. Bulk
57181   ChocoAlmondsŪ Pastel Green 5lb. Bulk
57251   ChocoAlmondsŪ Pastel Green Sparkle 5lb. Bulk
56911   ChocoAlmondsŪ Pastel Mix 1lb. Bag
52510   ChocoAlmondsŪ Pastel Mix 5.1oz. Gusset Bag
57911   ChocoAlmondsŪ Pastel Mix 5lb. Bulk
57141   ChocoAlmondsŪ Pastel Pink 5lb. Bulk
57211   ChocoAlmondsŪ Pastel Pink Sparkle 5lb. Bulk
57161   ChocoAlmondsŪ Pastel Purple 5lb. Bulk
57231   ChocoAlmondsŪ Pastel Purple Sparkle 5lb. Bulk
56961   ChocoAlmondsŪ Pastel Sparkle Mix 1lb. Bag
52520   ChocoAlmondsŪ Pastel Sparkle Mix 5.1oz. Gusset Bag
57961   ChocoAlmondsŪ Pastel Sparkle Mix 5lb. Bulk
57151   ChocoAlmondsŪ Pastel Yellow 5lb. Bulk
57221   ChocoAlmondsŪ Pastel Yellow Sparkle 5lb. Bulk
57071   ChocoAlmondsŪ Pink 5lb. Bulk
57011   ChocoAlmondsŪ Red 5lb. Bulk
56101   ChocoAlmondsŪ Regular Mix 1lb. Bag
52501   ChocoAlmondsŪ Regular Mix 5.1oz. Gusset Bag
57104   ChocoAlmondsŪ Regular Mix 5lb. Bulk
52540   ChocoAlmondsŪ Salted Caramel 4.9oz. Gusset Bag
56971   ChocoAlmondsŪ Spring Mix 1lb. Bag
52535   ChocoAlmondsŪ Spring Mix 5.1oz. Gusset Bag
57971   ChocoAlmondsŪ Spring Mix 5lb. Bulk
56901   ChocoAlmondsŪ Valentine's Mix 1lb. Bag
57901   ChocoAlmondsŪ Valentine's Mix 5lb. Bulk
52505   ChocoAlmondsŪ Valentines Mix 5.1oz. Gusset Bag
57091   ChocoAlmondsŪ White 5lb. Bulk
57201   ChocoAlmondsŪ White Sparkle 5lb. Bulk
57041   ChocoAlmondsŪ Yellow 5lb. Bulk
43504   ChocoRocksŪ - Single Tube - Salted Caramel
46921   ChocoRocksŪ American Spirit Mix 1lb. Bag
42921   ChocoRocksŪ American Spirit Mix 5lb. Bulk
42855   ChocoRocksŪ American Spirit Mix 7.4oz. Gusset Bag
46951   ChocoRocksŪ Black Coal 1lb. Bag
43954   ChocoRocksŪ Black Coal 3oz. Tube
42951   ChocoRocksŪ Black Coal 5lb. Bulk
42865   ChocoRocksŪ Black Coal 7.4oz. Gusset Bag
46531   ChocoRocksŪ Bronze Boulders 1lb. Bag
42531   ChocoRocksŪ Bronze Boulders 5lb. Bulk
46131   ChocoRocksŪ Bronze Nuggets 1lb. Bag
43084   ChocoRocksŪ Bronze Nuggets 3oz. Tube
42131   ChocoRocksŪ Bronze Nuggets 5lb. Bulk
42820   ChocoRocksŪ Bronze Nuggets 7.4oz. Gusset Bag
43964   ChocoRocksŪ Camo Mix 3oz. Tube
42981   ChocoRocksŪ Camo Mix 5lb. Bulk
42870   ChocoRocksŪ Camo Mix 7.4oz. Gusset Bag
46941   ChocoRocksŪ Christmas Mix 1lb. Bag
43344   ChocoRocksŪ Christmas Mix 3oz. Tube
42941   ChocoRocksŪ Christmas Mix 5lb. Bulk
42850   ChocoRocksŪ Christmas Mix 7.4oz. Gusset Bag
46551   ChocoRocksŪ Coal Boulders 1lb. Bag
42523   ChocoRocksŪ Coal Boulders 5.5oz. Gusset Bag
42551   ChocoRocksŪ Coal Boulders 5lb. Bulk
42405   ChocoRocksŪ Coal Boulders Merry Christmas Peg Bag
42425   ChocoRocksŪ Coal Boulders Naughty List, Santa Peg Bag
42415   ChocoRocksŪ Coal Boulders To and From, Santa Peg Bag
42420   ChocoRocksŪ Coal Boulders You've been Naughty, Santa Peg Bag
46141   ChocoRocksŪ Emerald Gemstones 1lb. Bag
42141   ChocoRocksŪ Emerald Gemstones 5lb. Bulk
42885   ChocoRocksŪ Fishing Mix 7.4oz. Gusset Bag
46201   ChocoRocksŪ Gemstones Mix 1lb. Bag
43104   ChocoRocksŪ Gemstones Mix 3oz. Tube
42201   ChocoRocksŪ Gemstones Mix 5lb. Bulk
42825   ChocoRocksŪ Gemstones Mix 7.4oz. Gusset Bag
46511   ChocoRocksŪ Gold Boulders 1lb. Bag
42520   ChocoRocksŪ Gold Boulders 5.5oz. Gusset Bag
42511   ChocoRocksŪ Gold Boulders 5lb. Bulk
46111   ChocoRocksŪ Gold Nuggets 1lb. Bag
43074   ChocoRocksŪ Gold Nuggets 3oz. Tube
42111   ChocoRocksŪ Gold Nuggets 5lb. Bulk
42815   ChocoRocksŪ Gold Nuggets 7.4oz. Gusset Bag
46931   ChocoRocksŪ Halloween Mix 1lb. Bag
43334   ChocoRocksŪ Halloween Mix 3oz. Tube
42931   ChocoRocksŪ Halloween Mix 5lb. Bulk
42845   ChocoRocksŪ Halloween Mix 7.4oz. Gusset Bag
42515   ChocoRocksŪ Maple 6.5oz. Gusset Bag
46541   ChocoRocksŪ Mixed Boulders 1lb. Bag
42541   ChocoRocksŪ Mixed Boulders 5lb. Bulk
47520   ChocoRocksŪ Natural Hot Rocks 6.5oz. Gusset Bag
46401   ChocoRocksŪ Natural Mix 1lb. Bag
44601   ChocoRocksŪ Natural Mix 3oz. Tube
44101   ChocoRocksŪ Natural Mix 5lb. Bulk
43984   ChocoRocksŪ Nevada Mix 3oz. Tube
42875   ChocoRocksŪ Nevada Mix 7.4oz. Gusset Bag
46911   ChocoRocksŪ Pastel 1lb. Bulk
43324   ChocoRocksŪ Pastel Mix 3oz. Tube
42911   ChocoRocksŪ Pastel Mix 5lb. Bulk
42835   ChocoRocksŪ Pastel Mix 7.4oz. Gusset Bag
43329   ChocoRocksŪ Pastel Sparkle 3oz. Single Tube
46961   ChocoRocksŪ Pastel Sparkle Mix 1lb. Bag
42961   ChocoRocksŪ Pastel Sparkle Mix 5lb. Bulk
42840   ChocoRocksŪ Pastel Sparkle Mix 7.4oz. Gusset Bag
46490   ChocoRocksŪ Peppermint 1lb. Bag
42321   ChocoRocksŪ Peppermint 5lb. Bulk
42510   ChocoRocksŪ Peppermint 6.5oz. Gusset Bag
43510   ChocoRocksŪ Peppermint- Single Tube
42171   ChocoRocksŪ Pink Sapphire Gemstones 5lb. Bulk
43994   ChocoRocksŪ Princess Mix 3oz. Tube
42880   ChocoRocksŪ Princess Mix 7.4oz. Gusset Bag
42181   ChocoRocksŪ Purple Amethyst Gemstones 5lb. Bulk
42043   ChocoRocksŪ Regular Mix .35oz Fun Size (24ct)
46101   ChocoRocksŪ Regular Mix 1lb. Bag
43094   ChocoRocksŪ Regular Mix 3oz. Tube
42601   ChocoRocksŪ Regular Mix 5lb. Bulk
42801   ChocoRocksŪ Regular Mix 7.4oz. Gusset Bag
46221   ChocoRocksŪ RiverStones 1lb. Bag
43054   ChocoRocksŪ RiverStones 3oz. Tube
42221   ChocoRocksŪ RiverStones 5lb. Bulk
42805   ChocoRocksŪ Riverstones Mix 7.4oz.
46161   ChocoRocksŪ Ruby Gemstones 1lb. Bag
42161   ChocoRocksŪ Ruby Gemstones 5lb. Bulk
40043   ChocoRocksŪ Salted Caramel .35oz Fun Size (24ct)
46481   ChocoRocksŪ Salted Caramel 1lb. Bag
42301   ChocoRocksŪ Salted Caramel 5lb. Bulk
42503   ChocoRocksŪ Salted Caramel 6.5oz.
46521   ChocoRocksŪ Silver Boulders 1lb. Bag
42521   ChocoRocksŪ Silver Boulders 5lb. Bulk
46121   ChocoRocksŪ Silver Nuggets 1lb. Bag
43064   ChocoRocksŪ Silver Nuggets 3oz. Tube
42121   ChocoRocksŪ Silver Nuggets 5lb. Bulk
42810   ChocoRocksŪ Silver Nuggets 7.4oz. Gusset Bag
43364   ChocoRocksŪ St. Patrick's Day Mix 3oz. Tube
42860   ChocoRocksŪ St. Patrick's Day Mix 7.4oz. Gusset Bag
46151   ChocoRocksŪ Topaz Gemstones 1lb. Bag
42151   ChocoRocksŪ Topaz Gemstones 5lb. Bulk
42223   ChocoRocksŪ Turquoise 5lb. Bulk
46901   ChocoRocksŪ Valentine's 1lb. Bag
43314   ChocoRocksŪ Valentine's Mix 3oz. Tube
42901   ChocoRocksŪ Valentine's Mix 5lb. Bulk
42830   ChocoRocksŪ Valentine's Mix 7.4oz. Gusset Bag
43508   ChocoRocksŪ XpressoRocksŪ - Single Tube
46485   ChocoRocksŪ XpressoRocksŪ 1lb. Bag
42311   ChocoRocksŪ XpressoRocksŪ 5lb. Bulk
42505   ChocoRocksŪ XpressoRocksŪ 6.5oz. Gusset Bag
KCMTL   Kimmie's Precious Metals Tube Pack
KCROK   Kimmie's Rock Collection Tube Pack
67421   LiFuel Almonds 1lb. Bag
67411   LiFuel Almonds 5.1oz. Gusset Bag
67406   LiFuel Almonds 5lb. Bulk
56401   Natural ChocoAlmondsŪ Mix 1lb. Bag
57513   Natural ChocoAlmondsŪ Mix 5.1oz. Gusset Bag
54101   Natural ChocoAlmondsŪ Mix 5lb. Bulk
47503   Natural ChocoRocksŪ 7.4oz. Gusset Bag
86401   Natural Dateme'sŪ 1lb. Bag
83094   Natural Dateme'sŪ 2.7 oz tube
88101   Natural Dateme'sŪ 5lb. Bulk
87593   Natural Dateme'sŪ 7.4oz. Gusset Bag
36401   Natural Pistachios 1lb. Bag
37613   Natural Pistachios 5.1oz. Gusset Bag
34101   Natural Pistachios 5lb. Bulk
68515   Natural PretzelBites Dark Chocolate 1lb. Bag
66205   Natural PretzelBites Dark Chocolate 5lb. Bulk
62805   Natural PretzelBites Dark Chocolate 6.5oz. Gusset Bag
47513   Natural RiverRocks 7.4oz. Gusset Bag
44201   Natural RiverRocks Mix 5lb. Bulk
24101   Natural SunburstsŪ 5lb. Bulk
27503   Natural SunburstsŪ 7.4oz Gusset Bag
26401   Natural SunburstsŪ Mix 1lb. Bag
24601   Natural SunburstsŪ Mix 3oz. Tube
76401   Natural XpressosŪ 1lb. Bag
73074   Natural XpressosŪ 2.7oz. Tube
74101   Natural XpressosŪ 5lb. Bulk
77573   Natural XpressosŪ 6.5oz. Gusset Bag
2801   Nevada Container Nevada Mix (Silver and Topaz) 9oz.
10059   Organic ChocoRocksŪ CoffeeRocks 1.5oz. Tube
10109   Organic ChocoRocksŪ CoffeeRocks 3oz. Tube
10051   Organic Dark Chocolate Jewels 1.5oz. Tube
10101   Organic Dark Chocolate Jewels 3oz. Tube
10053   Organic Milk Chocolate Jewels 1.5oz. Tube
10103   Organic Milk Chocolate Jewels 3oz. Tube
10055   Organic SunburstsŪ 1.5oz. Tube
10105   Organic SunburstsŪ 3oz. Tube
10061   Organic XpressosŪ 1.35oz. Tube
10111   Organic XpressosŪ 2.7oz. Tube
68511   PretzelBites Salted Caramel 1lb. Bag
66203   PretzelBites Salted Caramel 5lb. Bulk
62801   PretzelBites Salted Caramel 6.5oz. Gusset Bag
56261   Salted Caramel ChocoAlmondsŪ 1lb. Bag

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